YDPA Fundraising


Youth Dance Parent Association (YDPA) is a nonprofit organization whose specific purpose is to support youth dance education and performance. Various fundraising opportunities are available for members to volunteer and are intended to help defer the cost of dance tuition and performance related expenses. While they are not paid for their work, each volunteer designates where the YDPA member wants their share of the event’s revenue to be distributed. The event will issue a check to YDPA for work performed and YDPA will then issue a check where the volunteer has designated their share go to, the studio, dance team, etc…


Examples of current and/or past fundraising opportunities include:

  • Park & Ride – MN State Fair
  • Xcel / Target Field / Metrodome events
  • Wreaths / Holiday Greens
  • Coupon cards
  • Pancake breakfast/Restaurant Fundraisers
  • Flowers/Concessions at Recitals

With more members, we can develop more fundraising opportunities. For more information, please contact:

Woodbury Dance Center Representatives:

Kim Shirek or Karen Solstad or Amy McGovern

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