Alternative Class Options - Online Classes, Semi-Private Classes & Private Lessons

Online Class Options

Fall – Spring Schedule 2020/2021
Start Date Saturday, September 12th

Dancers will take class online via Zoom during one of our in studio classes.  They will enjoy being part of an in studio class working on their dance skills at home.



Frequently Asked Questions
How do I access my dancer's online class?

A zoom link will be posted in our Band Apps, as well as in your studio account under your dancer’s class. We will send more information about how to join the Band App prior to the first day of classes. We will utilize the Band App to post important information about our 2020-2021 classes, additional content and activities for our dancers. 

What shoes and dance attire does my dancer need?

Because your dancer will be dancing at home, we will not require them to wear shoes during class; however, we have listed the shoe requirements for an in-studio class and welcome your dancer to wear shoes during zoom class, if they choose. Dancers may wear any type of dance wear for class (i.e. leotard, tights, dance shorts, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, tutus, etc). Dance wear should allow dancers to move freely. No jeans please.

Can my dancer transfer to an in-person class in the future?

Yes! If you would like your dancer to transfer to an in-person class, please contact the studio and we will make the arrangements. There may be an option for your dancer to transfer to an in-person class on the same day/time as their online class, as long as class sizes are adhering to our safety guidelines throughout the year. If the in-person class that is at the same day/time as their online class is full, we have many other options for in-studio class – you can check out our in-studio class schedule HERE.  

Can my dancer participate in the 2021 Recitals?

Dancers registered for online classes may have the option to participate in our June recitals. Please contact the studio if you are interested in this option and we will provide more information about recital requirements and costume costs. 

I'm interested in online classes, but there is nothing listed for my dancer's age group?

Other classes may be available by request depending on number of dancers interested in online options. If you are interested in taking classes online, but do not see an option for your dancer below, please contact the studio front desk at (651) 735-9252. 

Tots - Age 2

A 1/2 hour Introduction to Dance/Creative Movement class is for our 2 year old dancers! Dancers will enjoy fun songs to begin developing coordination, balance, and physical strength. Dancers in this class will enjoy engaging music and dance activities! Tuition $34/month 

Shoes Needed – Pink Ballet (Boys will need Black Ballet)

Monday 5:15pm w/ Buffy 
Saturday 9:00am w/ Haley 




A 50 minute combination class for kindergarten age dancers.  Tap and ballet, with ballet barre introduction as well as intro to jazz and basic tumbling.  Dance helps children develop listening skills, self confidence and discipline, which will carry over to other areas of their lives.  These are all beneficial skills as they start grade school. No matter your dancers level, our attentive faculty will help your child learn dance as well as life skills to help them succeed.  A dance education offers not only physical development but discipline, focus and self confidence.  Tuition $49/month 

Shoes Needed – Pink Ballet and White Tap (Boys will need Black Ballet & Black Tap)

Monday 5:50pm w/ Haley 
Wednesday 4:45pm w/ Kathy 

Thursday 5:10pm w/ Tatiana
Saturday 10:40am w/ Haley (Kinder/1st Grade) 


3rd/5th Grade Tap, Jazz (Levels Noted)

A 55 minute long tap and jazz class.  Dancers will learn tap technique taught through center exercises and traveling progressions. Jazz fundamentals will be taught to upbeat music with focus on stretching, basic technique and fun, energetic movement! Tuition $49/month 

Shoes Needed – Tan Jazz and Tan Tap

Monday 5:00pm w/ Mary (int level)


Hip Hop

A 30 minute class for beginner dancers ages 4-5. Learn the latest hip hop moves to clean, current hip hop music.  A popular and ever-growing class, we are very conscious to keeping these classes age appropriate.  Hip Hop is also a great class to take in addition to a combination class. Tuition $34/month  

Shoes Needed – Clean Tennis Shoes

Tuesday 4:30pm w/ Macey (Ages 4-5)



Boys Only Tap, Hip Hop (Ages & Levels Noted)

We offer boys only classes for age 4 & up!  Taught by Bruce, these classes are geared towards learning while having fun!

Boys ages 4-8 will enjoy a 45 minute class offering both tap and hip hop  Tuition $44/month

Shoes Needed – Black Tap and/or Clean Tennis Shoes

Tuesday 5:15pm w/ Bruce (Age 5-8 Int Tap & Hip Hop)

Preschool - Age 3 & 4

A 50 minute combination class for 3 and 4 year olds.  Class includes basic tap, introduction to ballet, creative movement and tumbling.  We strive to help this age group learn basic dance skills while having fun.  While the physical skills of coordination, balance and rhythm are mastered, you will also see your dancer grow in their self confidence, listening and  social skills. Tuition $49/month 

Shoes Needed – Pink Ballet and White Tap (Boys will need Black Ballet & Black Tap)

Monday 4:15pm w/ Buffy
Wednesday 6:45pm w/ Kathy
Saturday 9:40am w/ Haley 


1st/2nd Grade (Levels Noted)

A 50 minute combination class.  Tap, ballet and jazz technique will be taught with use of kid-friendly music and activities to make learning fun! Dancers will enjoy learning short routines and combinations of their favorite dance steps!  These classes are leveled based on prior dance experience. Tuition $49/month 

Shoes Needed – Pink Ballet and Tan Tap (Boys will need Black Ballet & Black Tap)

Monday 6:50pm w/ Haley (beg/int level)
Wednesday 5:45pm w/ Kathy (beg/int level)




Lyrical (Ages Noted)

A 30 minute class.  Lyrical will be taught with focus on helping the dancers express themselves through movement.  Class will include warm up/stretch and across the floor exercises to work on body placement and proper technique.  Tuition  $34/month

Shoes Needed – Tan Jazz 

Monday 5:55pm 3rd-5th Grade w/ Buffy


Hip Hop

A 40 minute class for beginner to intermediate dancers ages 6 and older. Learn the latest hip hop moves to clean, current hip hop music.  A popular and ever-growing class, we are very conscious to keeping these classes age appropriate.  Hip Hop is also a great class to take in addition to a combination class.  Tuition $44/month

Shoes Needed – Clean Tennis Shoes

Tuesday 8:05pm w/ Tatiana (Ages 12+) 
Wednesday 4:30pm w/ Karlie (Ages 9-11) 
Wednesday 5:20pm w/ Karlie (Ages 6-8) 

Tuition Discounts

Tuition Discounts (same student):
50-60 min class plus 30 min class — $56/month
50-60 min class plus 40 min class – $64/month

Family Discounts:
2nd student from same family — $5 off per month
3rd student from same family — $10 off per month
4th, 5th, 6th student from same family — $20 off per month

Payment Requirements

All accounts are required to have a credit card on file and must be signed up for automatic monthly payments for tuition. You do have the option to pay at the front desk with cash, check or a different card before automatic payments are processed on the 3rd of each month. Refunds – There are no refunds on registration fees. 

Registration Fees

$20 one student/$35 family with more than one student


Class size varies depending on age of students, size of studio room and safety requirements. Most classes, based on age and class size, have an instructor along with an assistant to better support the needs of our dancers.  Find more information about our instructors HERE.

Semi-Private Class Options

New this year – WDC will be offering Semi-Private Classes! Semi-private classes are a great option for siblings, neighbors or friends to take class together for those who wish to take class in a smaller class setting within your circle of acquaintances. Class sizes are for 4 to 6 dancers. Tuition is based on reduced class size and limiting registration for personalized classes.

Classes may be customized for the age group of children dancing together with style of choice. Semi-private classes will be available through the fall months and may continue through the winter and spring as well pending interest and current safety guidelines and protocols.

Semi-Private Class Availability:
Mondays 7:05-7:35
Tuesdays 4:25-5:05
Tuesdays 4:20-5:05
Tuesdays 7:00-7:30
Tuesdays 7:25-8:10
Wednesdays 4:20-5:05
Wednesdays 7:45-8:30
Wednesdays after 8:00
Thursdays 4:20-5:05
Friday evenings (please request a time when registering)
Saturday afternoons (please request a time when registering)
Weekday mornings/afternoons (please request a time when registering)

To register, please contact the Buffy at or by phone at 651-735-9252 to set up your customized semi-private class.

30 minute weekly class — $65/month
40-45 minute weekly class — $78/month

Registration fee: $20 one student/$35 family with more than one student

Private Lesson Options

Woodbury Dance Center is excited to offer private lessons for our recreational dancers ages 1st grade and up! This is a great opportunity for your dancers to have one on one time with teachers to work on their technique and skills.

Private lessons will be scheduled for 30-minute time slots, based on room/teacher availability and sign up will be first come first serve. The tuition for private lessons will be $35 per 30-minute private lesson paid directly to Woodbury Dance Center at the front desk prior to your scheduled private lesson.

Please contact Emily at to book your private lessons today!