May 2020

Messages from WDC:

Hello WDC Dance Families,
THANK YOU for your patience as we have worked on a plan for the conclusion of the 2019-20 season for our recreational dancers. As we move into May, our recreational students will all have Zoom classes with their teachers. We will conclude the season with an online performance for our families at home, led by your WDC instructor! We hope that this gives our students something fun to look forward to, a goal to work towards, and a sense of accomplishment for all they have learned this year. Please make sure to read the end of the year updates emails for zoom class/end of year celebration schedules. 
What about May Tuition?

May Tuition for dancers participating in May Zoom classes and Year End Celebrations will be automatically discounted 25% and payments will be run automatically on May 4th.

Any outstanding April tuition balances will also be run on May 4th for those participating in May classes and 2020 Year End Celebrations.

When Is My Dancer's Live Zoom Class?

Zoom classes will be held on the same day as your dancers’ usual class schedule and around the same time. Class times have been adjusted to avoid overlap of class times for siblings wherever possible. Some overlaps could not be avoided. We hope this prevents conflicts for families that may have only one device for classes. Please see the schedule below with your dancer’s class time (please note start dates) and Year End Celebration date/time.


How Do I Access My Dancer 's Live Zoom Class?

Links for your dancers live Zoom class have been posted in your studio online account under your dancer’s class, as well as in your dancers Seesaw class. We have also emailed class links to all dancers. 

What if my student is registered for multiple classes?

If your student is registered for multiple classes they will receive a different class code for each class (sent from our office assistant Emily via Your dancer is able to belong to multiple classes. If your dancer needs to access multiple classes, you have a few options for setting up your Seesaw classes.

1. Use Email/Google Account sign in along with the class code to sign in. Students can then toggle between classes in the menu without signing out. If you create an account for your student, it will still ask you for your class code when you log in for the first time.

2. Access classes separately/ Students will sign in/out as they move from class to class using the class code provided.

What is the difference between using the App as a STUDENT verse as a FAMILY MEMBER?

You must select whether you are a student/family member when logging in.

  • If you are logging in as a family member you will use the account you created
  • If you are logging in as a student you will use the class code provide emailed to you by our office assistant Emily.
  • You can only be logged in as either a student or a family member at one time. If you need to access the other version of the app on the same device, please log out of student/family member and log into the other.


We recommend if you have a young dancer(s) staying logged in as a student, as you will most likely be helping you dancer post/complete activities.

If you have older dancer(s) who are logged in as a student on their own devices, we recommend staying logged in as a family member on your own device so you can monitor/comment on your dancers work and connect with the instructor.

When you are logged in as a family member you will be able to view/comment your dancer’s work that they post in their journal and message the teacher.

If you are logged in as a student you will be able to complete activities, upload videos/pictures/etc. for teachers to look over and provide feedback, and send messages to the teachers.

How will I be invited to view my dancer's 'journal'?
You will receive an email and will need to choose to connect to their child’s journal.
Family members will then be prompted to sign in or create a new account. If you already have an account that you are using for your child’s school, you may need to log out and log back in for the new journal to appear.