Jessie James

Jessie is a teacher, choreographer, and creative director working in multiple fields of the creative industry. Leveraging her intensive early training and her career as a professional dancer, which included multiple national tours, international productions, film, and television, she has spent the last 8 years traveling across the USA and Europe sharing her craft.

Guiding dancers both young and professional alike, Jessie pushes each student to move with a better understanding of intention and musicality. Her work is grounded in storytelling, utilizing attention to detail and visual staging. Jessie was featured in Dance Teacher Magazine for her work as a traveling teacher and guest choreographer in nationally recognized studios across the USA.

While living in the United Kingdom, Jessie taught at world-renowned studios such as Pineapple and BASE Studios and traveled with the Can You Dance convention. Working with dancers from around the world, her work was featured as the opening act for Ace Awards runner up Lukas Mcfarlane’s “Astoria” London Premiere. Additionally, Jessie has taught and choreographed in Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia, and Spain.

Alongside her work as a dance educator and choreographer, Jessie is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor. Jessie is constantly seeking more education to support her dance teaching. With a large focus on proper alignment and technique, Jessie not only teaches with artistry in mind but longevity for the dancers she works with.