Recital Tights Order Form

WDC’s 29th annual Recital & Showcase dates are set!  Specific dates/times for each class will be posted by February 1st.

Recitals for Preschool through adult classes:Tuesday, May 28th through Saturday, June 1st @ East Ridge High School in Woodbury

Dress rehearsals for Preschool through Adult classes: Monday, May 20th, Tuesday, May 21st; Wednesday, May 22nd; and Thursday, May 23rd @ WDC WEST studio location

Tots classes:  Our “Totally Tots Showcase” performances will be held the morning of Sunday, May 19th at our WDC WEST studio location.  All of our tots classes will be performing on that date. Specific times for each class will be posted by February 1st.


To the parents of female dancers: The cost of tights is included in your costume payments. Please complete the online order form below by Wednesday, December 20th. Size charts are available below.


*Dancers will receive “Light Toast” tights with their costume unless indicated below that you would like a darker shade – Toast or Coffee. Pictures are provided below.



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Light Toast Color

Toast Color

Coffee Color