Recitals 2018

Program Ads Due Wednesday, April 18th (ONLINE ONLY)


ALL program ad submissions need to be done online through WDC’s website.

ORDER ONLINE HERE – Instructions and Prices Included on Order Form

Ad orders due April 18th

Ticket Orders Due Friday, April 20th (to be included in seating lottery)

Tickets are now available to order for $13.00 each. All family and friends will need a ticket to watch the show. You are guaranteed to be able to purchase up to six tickets per family (not per dancer) per show. If you would like to purchase more than six tickets, please include the additional number of tickets you would like on the envelope and we will do our best to complete your full order. Ticket orders will be due by Friday, April 20th at 7:00 p.m. It does not matter if you turn in your order first or last since the seating location is determined by a drawing (see below).

Small children/infants that will be sitting on a parent’s lap do not require a ticket. Dancers in the Tiny Tots classes will need to be picked up in the dressing room following their performance (scheduled near the beginning of the show) and can sit with their family in the audience until they are called backstage for the finale. It is up to you whether or not you would like to purchase a ticket for them to have their own seat in the auditorium.

Seating location is decided on a drawing basis. This eliminates the need for anyone to stand in a long line to purchase tickets. Your child’s instructor will mark the side of the stage that your child stands on so that we can assign tickets to you in the section where you will be able to view your dancer. If you have more than one dancer in recital be sure to turn in all of your order envelopes with placement codes. Please be sure to mark clearly on your ordering envelope if you need handicapped seating for the show and note whether it is for someone in a wheelchair, can’t do stairs, walker, bad hip/leg (left or right side), etc… Please be sure to use envelope provided.

Recital Music

We encourage dancers to practice their dances at home to help them prepare for our upcoming recitals. Please use the link below to download your dancer’s recital music to practice with at home. You can find a list of which classes are performing with which songs HERE. Thank you! MUSIC DOWNLOADS

Recital Hairstyle Suggestions

Looking for some fun hairstyles for your dancer?! Check out the styles below — these are easy and look great on stage! Also, don’t forget to check out the performance hair pieces available in our boutique. During the month of April, performance hair pieces are 15% off!

High Bun with Performance Hair Piece (centered or off-centered)


High Pony Tail with Straightened Hair

Hair Bun

Video Recording Weeks: March 19th-24th  and April 23rd-28th
Dance Routine Video Recording: Parents will be invited into the classroom March 19th-24th and April 23rd-28th to video record the dance routines (for most classes). This is completely optional, but it is helpful to have a visual tool when practicing for many dancers. Please be sure to video record one of the instructors when you are recording. Instructors may notify parents of alternate dates if needed.

LAST DAY OF CLASS -Thursday, May 24th

Our last week of class is Friday, May 18th – Thursday, May 24th.

Monday, May 7th – Thursday, May 24th 2018/2019 Fall-Spring Registration
(please look for details to be sent separately)

Dress Rehearsals: Tuesday, May 29th – Friday, June 1st

Check out our dress rehearsal schedule. HERE

Recitals: Monday, June 4th – Saturday, June 9th @ East Ridge High School

Check out the recital schedule HERE

Recital DVDS

Each recital will be professionally recorded by Creative Edge. No other video-recording is allowed at the recital.

DVDs are $29.95 and orders will be available to pick up at WDC after July 18th. Please use the link below to order DVDs.


Additional Info

Please make sure to read over the RECITAL PACKETThis includes all your need to know info for our upcoming recitals. Paper packets will be passed out in class starting Monday, March 5th. Thank you!